Saturday, 22 February 2014

Building a wood fired bread and and pizza oven - Insulation and more Insulation

Tomorrow I am planning to bake my third load of bread in the wood fired oven, but this time it is going to be properly insulated.  First I have wrapped the oven in thick aluminium foil, followed by a layer of ceramic blanket and another few layers of aluminium foil.  

Oven wrapped in Aluminium foil and ceramic blanket layers
 The 1.2 cubic meters of Perlite have been pored over the top to fill the void between the inner brickwork of the oven and the exterior cladding.  This gives an average thickness of insulation of about 20 cm.

 Now the insulation is in I have lit a full burn with the oven almost full of wood, pre cut to the correct length.  The fire was lit at the front of the oven and it naturally burns to the back.  The first third of the burn is not very efficient as there is too much fuel/gases being burned as it goes up the chimney, but by the time the fire has reach a third of the way back the wood has been heated so much that it has turned to charcoal.  The remaining fire is super hot, controlled to a nice burn rate.
  Tonight, once the oven has calmed down a bit we will be having pizza.  The oven will then be sealed and left to equilibrate over night, ready for baking sourdough tomorrow.