Friday, 13 December 2013

Hearth slab uncovered

Today the cover and the shuttering came off the hearth slab.  The slab has been kept wet by sealing it in plastic sheet for about 48 hours and then kept warm (maybe only 10°C ) under a small tent using a fan assisted electric heater.  Without this, the refractory would not have cured properly in the -6 C that we have been getting during the night.

This shot shows the uncovered slab sitting on top of the Foamglas insulation.

In this picture you can see the 3 layers so far.  The 10 cm thick reinforced conventional concrete support slab, the 10 cm of Foamglas and then the 5 cm of refractory.  During firing, this refractory slab will reach temperatures around 400°C